Young Doctors’ Representative Report 2022

WONCA's Young Doctors' representative on World Executive, Dr Sankha Randenikumara (Sri Lanka) is coordinating regular news from our seven region Young Doctors' Movements.

New YDM committee
The new YDM Committee was formed for the next biennium (2022-2023) and chaired by the newly elected WONCA Young Doctors’ Representative, Dr Sankha Randenikumara.
• Secretary – Rohini Pasricha (Polaris Chair)
• Treasurer – Reina Alameddine (Al Razi)
• Anas Almohtaseb (Al Razi Chair)
• Enwongo Ettang (AfriWon Chair)
• Ping Foo (Rajakumar Chair)
• Zainab Anjarwala (Spice Route Chair)
• Nick Mamo (Vasco da Gama Chair)
• Alejandro Saldana (Waynakay Chair)

Action Plan

The YDM Committee has compiled an action plan for the next two years with all the planned activities and their timelines. 

New YDM Logo

The YDM logo has been changed in accordance with the WONCA branding guidelines. The new logo was developed by Maria Dolores Zavala, WONCA Communications and PR Officer, and approved by the YDM committee in March 2022.

World Family Doctor Day 2022 Celebrations

YDM prepared a promotional video for the WFDD with contributions from all regions, which was well-received on social media. Watch the VIDEO here. 

YDM collaborations with WPs/SIGs 

• WPs/SIGs were requested to have a young doctor liaison in their executive committee.
• The YDM committee is planning to carry out joint webinars with the WONCA WPs/SIGs covering various important topics

Contributions to the CPD activities

As the Young Doctors’ Representative, I participated as an invited speaker in several events, including a webinar organized by the Junior Doctors’ Network (JDN) of the World Medical Association on ‘Sharing Best Practices – how to plan and implement global health advocacy?’.

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  The Rajakumar Movement - Asia Pacific

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Al Razi - East Mediterranean region

Polaris - North America

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