Young Doctors’ Movements Reports

WONCA's Young Doctors' representative on World Executive, Dr Sankha Randenikumara (Sri Lanka) is coordinating regular news from our seven region Young Doctors' Movements.

Contributions to the CPD activities

• I physically attended three conferences within this period, namely WONCA Europe Conference in London, UK, WONCA EMR Conference in Muscat, Oman and WONCA APR Conference in Bali, Indonesia and, actively participated in young doctors' events took place in those conferences.
• I was invited to speak in several events and these opportunities were used to promote family medicine and YDMs among the early career doctors. Some of those events were;
o World Medical Association(WMA) Junior Doctors’ Network (JDN) Fall (October)
o Rural Seeds Ambassador Induction (October)
o Al-Razi Preconference in WONCA EMR Conference (November)
o Waynakay Preconference in WONCA Iberoamerican Summit (November)
o Rajakumar Preconference in WONCA APR Conference (December)

YDM collaborations with WPs/SIGs

Young Doctor Liaisons in WPs/SIGs
As per our request, following WONCA WPs/SIGs now have young doctor liaisons in their executive committees: WPs on Education & Mental Health and SIGs on Emergency Medicine, Health Equity & Family Violence. Young doctor liaisons were selected by an open application process.

YDM-WP/SIG collaborative Webinar Series
Two joint webinars with the WONCA WPs/SIGs have been conducted in this period. Waynakay Movement collaborated with the WONCA WP on the Environment in September and the Rajakumar Movement in November with SIG on Aging and Health.

Astana Declaration Anniversary Celebrations (20th - 26th of October 2022)

On the 4th Anniversary of Astana Declaration, WONCA YDM collaborated with the WMA JDN and young doctors of African Forum for Primary Health Care (AfroPHC) to launch a social media campaign to raise awareness and increase the commitment of young doctors to strengthen primary health care through their action. WONCA extended the social media campaign to all its membership by introducing a special ‘Astana Anniversary profile picture frame’ for social media users.
The social media campaign was a great success with high number of post reaches and post engagements in all social media handles, reflecting the young doctors’ willingness to commit to primary health care towards a promising future.

WONCA World Conference, Sydney 2023

• I am attending the RACGP-WONCA 2023 International Advisory Committee meetings continuously and contributing for the next world conference's organizing work.
• YDM is getting ready for the YDM Preconference at the WONCA Sydney by appointing a committee representing all regional YDMs.

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 Afriwon - Africa

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EYFDN (former Vasco da Gama Movement) - Europe

  The Rajakumar Movement - Asia Pacific

Spice Route - South Asia region

Al Razi - East Mediterranean region

Polaris - North America